Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday Training & Nutrition

I packed my trunk this morning with my 40lb rope, a 70lb sandbag, a 24kg kettlebell and my blast straps and now I'm off to Oakville, Ontario (about an hour outside Toronto) for the day to meet with some of my fitness business buddies to go through a crazy outdoor workout and then some business brainstorming.

It should make for a good workout and a great day.

Any chance you get to train (and meet) with a group of like-minded individuals, I suggest you take it. It could make the difference in your obtaining results and acehieving your goals or just staying where you are right now (both in your fitness efforts and your business success).

Yesterday's training day went quite well. I didn't have a lot of time (surprise, surprise), but was still able to get a great workout in. Here's what went down...

1) BB Push Press - worked up to 2 sets of 8 @ 135lbs

2) DB Row - 8 x80, 8 x90, 8 x 100 (my gym doesn't have anything higher than 100lb dumbbells, so it looks like I'll be trying to rep out with the 100s until I get bored)

3a) Close grip chin-up - 4 sets of 6
3b) DB Tricep Ext - 4 sets of 6 @ 35lbs

4) 200 KB swings w/a 36kg kettlebell

Nutrition yesterday was pretty routine as well.

6am - apple, blueberries, peacans, cocoa nibs & 2 cups of green tea

9am (post workout) - 2 sweet potato pancakes w/butter & maple syrup; 1 bowl of Ezekial cereal with 1/2 cup coconut milk & a banana

Then I FASTED until I woke up this morning and had a 3 egg omellette w/mushrooms, onions & peppers and 1/2 an avocado w/salsa. I also had a lot of water and a double espresso.

I'll be sure to film some video of the crazy stuff we're doing for our workout today.

Stay tuned for that, I'll post it for next week.

Have a productive day. I'm off to MASTERMIND now!

the FitAndBusyDad


Travis said...

I find it easy to stay motivated if I join people who have the same goal as mine in fitness, not only they can give helpful insights but they make you feel that you too could reach what they have become...

How to Reduce Belly Fat said...

I never thought that fasting would be a part of training and nutrition. I have reduced my carb intake and try to eat 6 meals a day. I might try fasting sometime. :)