Wednesday, June 24, 2009

California Sandwiches

OK, so in an effort of full disclosure and transparency, I'm not going to hold back and I'm telling you EVERYTHING that I ate for dinner last night.

No back ground story.

No excuses.

Here's what I ate...

-1 full spicy steak sandwich loaded with tomato sauce, hot peppers, mushrooms & onions on a big a$$ kaiser bun from the famous California Sandwiches in Toronto.

-Then I downed about a cup of chocolate milk (it was Frankie's, she didn't finish it, and I like chocolate milk).

It was delicious.

I ate it absolutely guilt-free without hesitation. It's nice actually having a good relationship with food and to not be stressed about what I eat.

I've seen too many clients (women especially) stress themselves out about eating a rice cake or a piece of FRUIT(!!!!) that it makes them crazy.

The last thing I would want my girls (by that I mean my 4 young daughters) to see how stressed we are about eating. That doesn't really pave the way for a good food-self relationship for them later on.

There's enough concern today with eating disorders and self-image issues, that the last thing I would want is for my kids to see their healthy, fit, lean parents fretting over eating a sandwich.

So, I enjoyed a great family meal (my kids love California Sandwiches) after AJ's game (she lost unfortunately) and then we headed home.

I finished the night off with some carrots & hummus while I tied up a few loose ends.

Up this morning at 6am. I had some blueberries, walnuts, coconut & cocoa nibs for breakfast and am ready to hit the gym early for a quick upper body session.

More nutrition and the workout summary later today.

Enjoy your day!



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