Friday, November 23, 2007

Today's 20-Minute Blaster

I think everyone in my house is sick (physically having a cold, I mean). I got up to my usual 5am alarm clock to go out and train a client for 6am. Then, I jetted home to stay with my 2-year-old, Frankie, as she has been battling a bad cold since I got home from travelling earlier in the week. My wife will be taking the 2 older ones to school and then head over to the store to prep for a class. I'm on morning duty, she's got afternoons.

So, as always, being the busy dad that I am, I didn't really have that much time to train...or did I? I've been preaching on these 20-minute circuits that I've been doing for a while now. So between folding the laundry and making sure Frankie gets to the bathroom (did I mention she's potty-training right now?) and checking-in on my 3-month-old who's still asleep, I managed to do the following workout...

1) 5-mins of foam rolling (mainly t-spine, lats & glutes), quick static stretching for my hip flexors and a set of 15 stick-ups

KB snatch - Chin-up - Push-up Reverse Ladder
2a) KB snatch (5 x 10, 8, 6, 4, 2) w/54lb KB
2b) Chin-ups
(5 x 10, 8, 6, 4, 2)
2c) Push-ups
(5 x 20, 16, 12, 8, 4)
30s Rest, then repeat

KB Swing/V-Sit Superset x 4
3a) 50 KB Swings w/24kg
3b) 25 V-sits
60s Rest

That's it, quick, simple and (not so) easy.

Baby's up...gotta go!

Toronto's Top Trainer and THE BUSIEST DAD IN THE WORLD

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What do you get when you put 50 fit pros, a yummy mummy, a marine and an anal freak in one room for 3 days? ...I'm back from the OSP!!!

Welcome to my first post. I just got back from my good friend, Craig Ballantyne's, OnLine Super Profits Seminar in sunny (I was told it was sunny, but I didn't see much of it) Palm Beach Florida. There, I was mingling and exchanging ideas with an elite group of fitness industry professionals. I came away with a ton of million dollar ideas, some great contacts and some new friends. It was hard for me to take off from the family for a few days. It was tough sprinting through O'Hare from one end to other almost missing my connecting flight (they were closing the door to the gate as I was pulling in), but it was well worth it.

So this morning, after getting the kids up, changing them, making them breakfast, taking the trash out, driving the kids to school and meeting my beautiful wife
and our 3-month-old for breakfast at her scrapbooking store, I was able to work on my blog.

That said, here's a list of 12 random things that I learned while sitting in a conference room in Palm Beach...

12 Random Thoughts and Things I Learned at CB's OSP
  1. Dax Moy was in the Special Forces.
  2. Self proclaimed "anal freak" Vince DelMonte is the next Superstar to come out of the fitness industry.
  3. Holly Rigsby is the YummyMummy.
  4. Fellow Canadians Nutrition Whiz Brad Pilon and Strength Coach John Barban will soon be taking over the watch out.
  5. Barry Lovelace, although we didn't get a chance to connect all that much, must be the nicest guy in the world.
  6. I can now pronounce CIM-R-HAN-ZEL.
  7. Ryan Lee may be just as good a comedian as he is an entrepreneur.
  8. Mike Geary found a place on the East Coast where you can ski/snowboard in 5ft of powder...and it's NOT in Canada.
  9. Always ask Clay Hyght what he thinks. You'll learn a lot. (You may be there for an hour listening to him, but you'll learn a lot.)
  10. Super Trainer Erik Ledin and myself DID NOT want to go out for a steak dinner on Saturday night.
  11. Canadian trainers aren't afraid to eat cake or key lime pie at an industry event in front of other trainers...C'mon, I know you guys wanted some!
  12. Marines run 3 miles, Army guys run 2.
BONUS #13. Craig Ballantyne throws a bad-ass conference and should definitely do it again next year!

Until next time.
I'm off to the gym now.
Toronto's Top Trainer and THE BUSIEST DAD IN THE WORLD