Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday's Breakfast and Training

Great day today. Got up at 6am and went through my morning routine.

Then had some breakfast and started writing and working on a few projects that are coming up.

Here's how today's gone down thus far...

7:30am: The NEW Breakfast of Champions (see the video HERE)

10am: 2 homemade buttermilk pancakes w/farm fresh maple syrup (made by my beautiful wife)

12:30: Apple & pecans; 2 double espressos & lots of water

2pm: WORKOUT - Ran hills at Riverdale Park in Toronto (13 reps)

2:45: 500mls coconut water, bowl of berries

4pm: Late Lunch - spinach, red peppers, wax beans, black beans cooked w/tomato, onions & garlic

AJ's got a game tonight, so I'll be with the family for dinner. Not sure if I'll eat anything though b/c the beans filled me up. I may have a shake later on.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday's Journal

Got to bed really late last night. My wife was up working on a project, so on those nights, I like to stay up with her and get some stuff done as well. It helped that I didn't have an early client this morning, so I slept in until 7:30am.

Here's my nutrition for the day...

7:45am Breakfast: Ezekiel cinnamon & raisin cereal, banana, cocoa nibs, coconut, pecans & strawberry kefir

11am Early Lunch: Brown rice, (more) lentils & green beans; lots of water & 3 fish oil caps

1pm Snack: apple, more pecans & a double espresso (from Dark Horse Cafe in Toronto)

4pm workout....

started with some joint mobility and upper back stuff then...

1a) Chin-ups (on my door gym) 15, 12, 12
1b) Decline Push-ups (with my feet on a chair) 35, 25, 25

2) 5 minute KB Snatches: Finished with a total of 88 in 5 minutes (then did another 12 to get to 100)

3a) Towel KB Curls 3 x 10
3b) Close grip push-ups 3 x 20, 18, 23

5:30pm Dinner: Black beans cooked with onion, garlic, wax beans, red pepper & spinach; 3 fish oil caps and more water

6pm DESSERT: 1 scoop of President's Choice "Loads of Chocolatey Almond Bark" ice cream

That was a great way to finish off dinner...although I think my stomach will be paying for it in a few hours.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend's Workout and Today's Nutrition and Training

I ran hills this Friday and then hit the KBs on Saturday for this workout...

Plank: 2mins
Side Plank R:60s L:60s
Hip Bridge: 3mins

Walking KB Press: 16, 16, 20 (w/24kg KBs)
OH Walk Back x 3
Inverted Rows: 12, 15, 15 (using my blast straps attached to the frame of the gate in my backyard)

KB Swings x 100: 50, 50 (w/32kg KB)

That was it. A nice light workout.

Sunday, I focused on just doing some yard work and some demo on the old shed in the backyard. Very unstructured.

Nutrition today...

7am - Breakfast - Green Tea; Bowl of Ezekiel Cereal w/banana, walnuts, cocoa nibs, coconut & kefir and then I downed 3 fish oil caps

11am - Bowl of Lentils cooked in low-sodium chicken broth and then sauteed with onions, garlic, tomatoes & tomato paste.

Then training. Today's workout...

1) KB Push Presses 5 x 5 @ 24kg

2a) KB Front Squats 10, 12, 16 @ 2x16kg KBs
2b) KB Windmill 6, 8, 8 @ 16kg KB
2c) Renegade Rows 16, 20, 20 @ 16kg KB

3) 2-Arm Swings x 100 @ 32kg KB

Post workout: coconut milk, banana, vega supplement

Dinner: chicken breast, steamed green beans & lentils