Friday, May 21, 2010

Popped Another One

I woke up this morning and my upper back was really bothering me.

Remember back on Tuesday how I said I popped a rib? Well it feels like another one popped. I really need to find a chiropractor to see over this long weekend (it's Victoria Day weekend here in Canada).

My lower body feels good and I was scheduled for a lower body workout today anyway, so I went down to the gym to finish off week 3 of my 3rd phase of 5-3-1.

Here's what I did...

1) Bulgarian SS w/the bar in the racked position (3 x 5-3-1)
2a) Pistols (3 x 10)
2b) GHR (3 x 12)
3) 2 arm KB Swings x 100 (24kg KB)

The kb swing s at the end of the workout was a bonehead move on my part because now my upper back feels even worse.

I need to find a chiro to pop this rib back in!

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