Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Off Day

I'm sitting in my family room watching my 2 year old do her version of prisoner squat and push-ups. Pretty Cute.

It's the absolute truth that kids do what they see, so hopefully my wife and I are on the right track when we exercise in front of the kids.

No workout for me today. I'm still sore from the cleans, deadlifts and ring pull-ups. I also think I popped a rib on my left side.

Popping a rib is one of those annoying pains that eventually go away. Although I should try to get in to see a chiro tomorrow because I'm scheduled to be back at the gym and doing military presses as my main lift.

Nutrition today was alright...

7am - 3 free range eggs (scrambled) with chives cooked in butter, black coffee, an apple muffin (it's got squash & spelt flour in it - my wife baked them), water & a teaspoon of coconut milk

10am - Walnuts & an apple

Here's where stuff started to get interesting...

I took AJ (my 12 year old) to the dentist to get 4 teeth removed to accomodate her new braces. So, I spent an hour walking around the swanky Yorkville area of Toronto with a 6-month-old strapped to my chest and a 2 year old either in my arms or holding onto my left-ass jean pocket.

****A note to all the single guys out there...Kids are chick magnets. NO JOKE. I got stopped 6 times in less than an hour by women who just wanted to coo at my kids. If you want to pick-up, borrow a niece or nephew and take them out!****

She was hungry and I was famished. She wanted a hotdog and I wanted nothing to do with it. I bought her a hotdog, she ate 1/3 of it. I ate a the rest.

We also found out that my wife needs (another!!!) root canal.


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