Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hill Sprints at 6am

For some reason last night, Mikey, my 3 year old, found her way into our bed.

So in our queen sized bed was Mikey, Q (our 8 month old son who sleeps with us - apparently it's called "attachment parenting") and my wife Rozanne who sleeps diagonally.

The last time I tried to move Mikey and put her in her own bed, all hell broke loose and she woke up the entire house at 3 in the morning.

Lesson learned.

The problem was that there wasn't anywhere for me to sleep, so I ventured into the girls room to sleep in Mikey's spot on the bottom "double" bunk (there's a single bed on top). I end up almost crushing Joey (my 7 year old) as she climbed down to sleep with Frankie (5yrs) on the bottom bed.

So here were my final options....

1. Sleep on the living room couch - the "nice" couch - which my wife would hate. Seriously, this is the couch that she'd leave the plastic covering on - a la grandma - if she could.

2. Sleep on the basement couch which has some clean, unfolded laundry that I was going to get to tomorrow.


3. Sleep on the top bunk - Joey's bed - over my 2 peacefully sleeping children.

I went with #3 - sleeping on the top bunk. And once I got over the fear that this bed was not going to collapse and crush 2 helpless sleeping children while trying to hold a 180lb man, I slept like a baby.

Seriously, it was the best sleep that I've had a in a long, long time.

I got up at 5am and got some writing done. Then at 6, I got my Nike Frees on and drove over to the Riverdale Hill and ran some sprints.

When I got home I practiced doing some handstands while Joey timed me and made some breakfast - bacon, eggs and a smoothie - for everyone.

Good times!



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steelmanzz said...

Mr Chesser said...

I tend to do the workouts later in the day - after my kids are in bed. Or, since they are going back to school tomorrow, they get dropped off a little earlier and I get some time to rip those KB's of my garage floor.

Keep it up, man!