Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Off" Day and "Light" Training

I took the day off yesterday, so nothing to report other than this cool article that I read on my buddy, Brad Pilon's Blog...

Seriously, if you have kids, you should read that article.

I got a lot of sleep today getting up at 6:30am, which is about an hour and half later than when I usually wake up. I guess when your body tells you that you need it, you have to listen.

Day 2 in Kettlebell Muscle is a "Light" Day. Only 3 exercises, pretty basic, using the same sized bells (so for me the double-20s).

To tell you the truth, today almost seemed too light because I wasn't straining by the end of the last set. But I assume that's why it's called a "Light" day. I'm trusting this program nonetheless and will be following it to a "T".

Besides, Day 3 is the "HEAVY" day so I assume I'll be pretty taxed after that.

I've also decided to alter my training schedule. I'd like as much rest as possible between Day 3 and Day 1, so I'll train heavy this Saturday and then start my training again on Tuesday.

I like this idea for a few reasons...

1) Mondays are hectic in our house with everyone getting set for the week. If there was one day when my workouts get pushed to the side (and that's not often), it's Monday.

2) Tuesdays are relatively light days for me (I usually don't take clients on Tuesdays and focus instead on working on my websites - and This included filming at the gym, so if I'm there, I may as well train.

3) Sunday morning workouts will by my heavy days from now on and I like the idea of training heavy and then usually not having to worry about anything else business related for the rest of the day ... it's like a "me" day.

So, here's what I anticipate the week to look like....

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - KB Muscle "Medium" Day
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - Bodyweight Training and/or Deadlifts
Friday - KB Muscle "Light" Day
Saturday - OFF
Sunday - KB Muscle "Heavy" Day

We'll see how the next few weeks pan out.


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