Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday's Breakfast and Training

Great day today. Got up at 6am and went through my morning routine.

Then had some breakfast and started writing and working on a few projects that are coming up.

Here's how today's gone down thus far...

7:30am: The NEW Breakfast of Champions (see the video HERE)

10am: 2 homemade buttermilk pancakes w/farm fresh maple syrup (made by my beautiful wife)

12:30: Apple & pecans; 2 double espressos & lots of water

2pm: WORKOUT - Ran hills at Riverdale Park in Toronto (13 reps)

2:45: 500mls coconut water, bowl of berries

4pm: Late Lunch - spinach, red peppers, wax beans, black beans cooked w/tomato, onions & garlic

AJ's got a game tonight, so I'll be with the family for dinner. Not sure if I'll eat anything though b/c the beans filled me up. I may have a shake later on.



Anand said...

The comment here is completely irrelevant to the post. But I read your "about me" section and IT NEVER FAILS TO INSPIRE!
I stumbled upon your blog / website sometime last week and have ended up visiting it atleast every other day :)
And one other thing. I left a comment on but it doesnt seem to appear. do you have some sort of moderation in place??

Eitherway, you are doing a great job.

Keith Wilcox said...

pretty fit guy you are. I used to run professionally, but I'd be pushing to run a sub 5 mile these days. Taking care of kids all days tends to do that, no? :-)