Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Case You Missed It...

I got my 15-seconds yesterday.

I appeared on CityTV Toronto's Breakfast Television yesterday morning and did a quick demo of some of the exercises that you'll find in the new FitAndBusyDad e-book. Kevin Frankish, the host, was a good sport. And even though I got cut off slightly at the end (there's just too much to talk about), I may end up back sometime soon. And sorry guys, I did NOT get a chance to meet Dina.

You can find the video HERE. (Sorry, but it's not like YouTube, so I can't embed the video into the blog.)


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1 comment:

Erik Ledin said...

Awesome Chris. Nice to see you getting some local publicity. Best of luck with the product launch.


PS. Did you get my email response?