Monday, December 3, 2007

Naturally Increase Growth Hormone Through Exercise and Nutrition

I was recently speaking to a client who was considering getting Human Growth Hormone (HGH or GH) Therapy. GH is naturally produced in the body by the pituitary gland. When released into the body, HGH stimulates tissue growth and is essential to maintain a healthy body composition and metabolism. Various drug companies make a synthetic version of GH that is the same substance that is banned by various sporting organizations for it's apparent effects on performance. This was allegedly the same stuff that Mark McGwire (left) used leading up to and during his record breaking home run season a few years back.

Let me give you the background on my client...He's a fit, lean, middle-aged male with amazing genes. This guy has 8% body fat, 6-pack abs and can do 25 chin-ups from a dead hang. When I asked why he wanted go on GH, he simply said, "I'd like to reverse the aging process". As much as I appreciate his quest to "stay young", I told him that he wouldn't have to go as far as paying thousands upon thousands of dollars (and trust me, he can afford it) because he was taking all the right steps to increase GH NATURALLY.

Intense exercise and a sound nutrition program will always trump invasive synthetic injections. Click Here to learn how Nutrition Expert and Author of EatStopEat, Brad Pilon abuses GH the natural way.

I'm going to hit the weights now and try to get done within 20-minutes to try to jack my GH levels up. Here's what's in-store for today.

1) Foam Rolling & Activation work

2a) Back Squat (3 working sets of reps of 225...after a good warm-up of course)
2b) Neutral Grip Chins (3 sets of MAX max last week with this grip was 19. I know, I'm slowing down)

3a) Bulgarian Split Squats (3 x 8)
3b) Incline DB Press (3 x 8)

4) 2 - minute Plank

That's it. Very basic. Incredibly effective.

Then it's off to pick-up the kids.

-The Busiest Dad in the World

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Anonymous said...

Most athletes today are taking growth hormone HGH in homeopathic form because of its safety and gentleness. It's more like a performance tonic than anything else.