Sunday, December 9, 2007


I've been sick all week. The whole house has been sick, in fact. I felt something coming down hard last Sunday (crazy headache and nausea...and that kind of stuff never happens to me), so I decided to take it easy and spent most of the day Monday at home. I caught up on some work, sent some emails out, paid some bills. It was a catch-up on health and (what my friend Dax Moy likes to call) "closing open windows" day. I got to bed early that night and woke up the next morning and felt pretty good. Up at 5am, downed the oatmeal, fish oil caps and 3 glasses of water and out the door as usual. The afternoon rolled around and I felt like I needed a good butt whoopin' in the weight room. I didn't feel great, but I figured a good workout was all I needed.

I tried some programming that I got from training genius Chad Waterbury. I borrowed from his 10-10 book, a rep/set scheme that was geared towards fat loss. It called for an 8 sets of 3 protocol using multi-joint , compound movements with weights that equaled your 4-6 rep max.

Here's exactly how it went...

2:25pm - started foam rolling, stretching my hip flexors and a CB "hot spot" bodyweight circuit (10 each of prisoner squats, spiderman push-ups, prisoner reverse lunges and stick-ups x 2)

2:31 - Hauled Ass
1) Hang Clean - Front Squat - OH Press @ 135lbs x 3 reps
Rest 30s
2) Weighted Pull-Ups (w/a 45lb plate chained to my waist) x 3 reps
Rest 30s

2:45pm - Downed a 1L carton of lactose-free chocolate milk (my usual post workout drink) and a teaspoon of BCAAs

I felt great right after. The endorphin rush was unreal. But 3 hours later, I was done. My immune system must have been completely depleted and with the type of workout that I did earlier, that must have just pushed my body over the edge. The next morning, I could hardly get out of bed. I felt like a truck hit me. My joints were sore, I had a fever, I couldn't eat anything.

I've been sick ever since. I'm back at maybe 75% today, but the damage is done and the lesson has been learned....


P.S. If you don't "get" the picture above, GOOGLE "1997 NBA Finals, Game 5" or
"The Flu Game"

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