Friday, April 4, 2008

The "No-Time" Workout

I literally had NO TIME to train yesterday, so I managed to squeeze in, I guess I did have "time". Here's what went down...

1)Warm-up BW circuit (Prisoner Squats, push-ups, reverse lunges, stick-ups, planks (front & side).

2a) Chin-Ups x 3 sets (20, 15, 12 reps)
2b) Pistols (1-leg squats) x 3 (15, 12, 12 reps)

3) Kettlebell Swings x 100 (w/ a 54lb KB) - it took me 2 sets to finish 100

After that, it was off to dinner to celebrate AJ's 10th birthday.

The bottom line.......
You don't NEED an hour and a half, fancy equipment and an elliptical machine to train.