Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday AJ

Today marks my 10th Anniversary of fatherhood. My little girl, whom I named after the greatest athlete that ever lived, turns 10 today. Ten years of bloody noses, changing diapers, soccer practices, days at the beach

So this being a very special day, here are a few things that I've learned over the past 10 years about being a dad...

-Stay active (and I'm not just saying that because of what I do for a living). Kids learn through observation. Set the standard. If being active is an important part of your life, it'll be an important part of 2-year-old knows what a kettlebell is!

-Spend time. It's not about the X-box or all the arts, dance or sports programs they're in. Kids just want you around to take notice and spend time with them. Let them know that they're important.

-The minivan is inevitable. Guys, seriously, you can't avoid it. Drive all the SUVs you want. Squeeze your growing family into that mid-size sedan. Drop your kids off in your sportscar...whatever. It's so darn practical you'd be a fool not to have one. I've got a bike/snowboard rack on mine to say "Yeah, I've still got it". I've even hung blast straps off the roof rack at my daughter's school's parking lot to get a quick workout in. I've got a black one with a spoiler on it...but, yes, it's still a minivan.


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Radley said...

I am never getting a mini van! NEVER!