Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Living With The Essential: A FitAndBusyDad Interview with Author, Blogger and Father of 6, Leo Babauta

I've been reading ZenHabits.net for over a year now and I get great and RELEVANT information each and every time I read a new post.

So, when Leo Babauta came out with a book, The Power of Less, earlier this year, I was there the Tuesday it came out to pick-up a copy. Since then, I've bought copies for several of my family and friends.

I've been using it as my guide for 2009 to SIMPLIFY my life and to teach me how to FOCUS ON JUST THE ESSENTIAL.

Check out this review that I did for the book, and then make sure to download the NEW interview that I did with Leo where we apply THE POWER OF LESS to living as a FitAndBusyDad (it's FR*EE)....

Download the FitAndBusyDad Interview with Leo Babauta HERE...

=>FitAndBusyDad Interview with Leo Babauta

Enjoy your day!

The FitAndBusyDad


MikeG said...


Thanks for the review, I am going to go out and get that book this weekend. And I plan to listen to your interview tomorrow while I'm doing some work.

The main concept of the book sounds great especially for stress. If I can remove some unneeded stress then I can lose the weight I need to lose and keep it off a lot easier!

I believe stress is one factor that a lot of people do not take into consideration when they try to lose weight and they really should.

Anonymous said...

Great review, Chris!
I got a copy of the book about 2 months ago and loved it! Terrific ideas on making it all a bit less complex.

Thanks for the omterview download. I'll check it out tomorrow!