Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lower Body Workout

I'm going to be doing this weight gaining/muscle building workout until the end of the month and then switch gears and really amp up the fat loss workouts with some fun stuff outside - running hills, pulling a sled, doing some wave training (w/an old tug-of-war rope that my dad used to bring to family picnics), Blast Straps, kettlebells and SANDBAGS!

My buddy from Arizona, Josh Henkin who runs SandBagExercises.com, just sent me one of his famous sandbags. I'm going to Home Depot tomorrow to get it filled and I'm adding to my arsenal of unconventional equipment that I'll be using over the spring and summer to get super lean.

In the meantime, here's what went down with my workout today...

1) Front Squat - (5 @ 175, 5 @ 185, 20 @ 110)

2a) DB Shrug - (12 x 80lbs, 12 x 85lbs)
2b) Pistols (see left) - (12, 13, 10 per leg)

3) 150 KB Swings w/a 72lb Kettlebell

I hope you enjoyed your day.

We're doing homemade pizzas for dinner tonight. I'll have a video for you tomorrow with how they turned out!

Chris Lopez
The FitAndBusyDad


Jacqueline said...

So Chris, I saw a trainer at the gym I work at place 3 phone books on top of his clients chest while he was performing a max flat bench press (2 plates a side). My client looked at me and asked "What are they doing?", I don't know. So I asked the trainer "Why are you doing that"? He mummbled something, I couldn't understand at all. Any insight, I thought this would inhibit his lift by reducing the amount he can expand his lungs.


FitAndBusyDad said...

Hi Jacqueline,

I think he was trying to simulate a board press. You can lift heavier and get more tricep recruitment if you limit the range of motion on a bench press by just concentrating on locking out at the top. It's a tricep exercise.

I find it funny that the trainer didn't really know why he was doing it though...probably something "cool" he saw on YouTube or something?


matrix2pyro said...


What do you use for your sled pulling workouts?

FitAndBusyDad said...

@matrix2pyro...I use a basic metal sled made by a small company here in Toronto.

(Truthfully, I don't know the company name. I got the sled from an equipment supplier with whom I send business to. He gave me a sled, harness & 4 plates to use it with.)

When I use it, I usually just pull my kids on it. :-)