Monday, December 29, 2008

Hitting the "RESET" Button

With the New Year fast approaching, many of us take this opportunity to make some household changes in our lives. Some of us do it by choice, some out of necessity.

Last week, just before Christmas, my hard drive crashed and my back-up failed.


Some initially would think, big deal. What's a few family photos and some old school hip-hop mixes you downloaded off the web?

Well, it was actually a lot more than that...

-accounting records
-thousands of dollars worth of educational material (eBooks & on-line courses, etc)
-articles that I wrote or was working on for various publications
-my intellectual property bank of projects: new programs that I was writing, press releases, new workouts, my IDEA bank, my list of CONTACTS

I'm pretty much stuck as to what to do. I've taken my old drive to several Mac experts and they can't seem to do anything.

My last resort is to take it to a data retrieval company and pay an estimated $4100 to get everything little disorganized pieces.

So here's what I'm doing...

Out of necessity, I'm hitting the RESET button.

I had a lot planned for January - projects, major announcements, a website redesign - and I'm still going to push forward.

The way I see it, I've got a new blank canvas to work with now.

I just created a new workout journal.

I simplified my accounting process into one logical spreadsheet that will keep track of everything.

I'm aiming at writing 1 NEW article/blog post/program per day to play catch-up on all the things that I had lost.

This'll be an uphill battle, but what better way to start climbing than at the turn of the year?

So, my question to you is...IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO HIT THE RESET BUTTON TOO?

Do you need to de-clutter the house to make room better things in 2009?

Do you need to shed that extra weight that you've always been meaning to?

Will '09 finally be the year that you pay off all the debt you've accumulated over the years so that you too can wipe the slate clean?

Whatever it is, make preparations now and don't wait (like I did) for you to be forced into RESET mode.

Make the decision NOW and make a promise to stick to it for the next 4 weeks (because after 4 weeks, it'll probably become a habit).

Like my buddy Brad Pilon says, "Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone".

Over the next few days leading into and through the New Year, I'll provide you with some tools and resources that you can use to make 2009 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

From goal setting programs, to online resources to track food and exercise, I'll give you some neat tricks to help you get on track with your life so that you're prepared for anything.

Have a great day!

The FitAndBusyDad

P.S. CLICK HERE to get a head start on your New Year's fat loss goals.

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Brad Pilon said...

And..I'm backing up my computer now!

Scary stuff man, but great attitude!