Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEW FitAndBusyDad Articles

I've got a couple of new articles up on a couple of "Dad" blogs. Make sure to check them out...

First, as part of a regular "Muscle Monday" article series, check out my friend Vincent Marra's blog - There, I outline the same 5-step-process that I use to help my clients find the time to workout, lose weight and get back in shape. Click the link below to view Part 1...

==>The Dad Jam's Muscle Monday - Keeping Busy Dads In Shape

Next, a 2-Part article for my buddy Jeremy Biser's blog In Part 1 of this piece I talk about the 2 "types" of dads that I seem to encounter the most and some strategies to help these guys out. In Part 2 (out next week) I talk about specific exercises and circuits that dads can use right away to help them get back in shape. You can check out Part 1 by clicking the link below...

==> - Fitness for Dads

I've got great YouTube stuff coming out in the next few days as well, so stay tuned!

the FitAndBusyDad

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