Monday, July 21, 2008

The Big 3-1!!!

No, not me. I turned 31 in January.

But over the weekend, my good friend Brad Pilon, turned 31.

Brad is my Number #1 nutrition go-to guy. He is by far, one of the smartest and most passionate experts in the nutritional field that I've ever met. In fact, I value his opinion and his advice so much that, I interviewed him and recorded the interview as bonus in the FitAndBusyDad program.

For his 31st birthday, Brad not only had some Hagen Daaz Coffee Ice Cream, but he released some TOP SECRET audio files containing the science behind his cutting edge nutrition book EatStopEat.

In his audio files, Brad will give you the lowdown on what he thinks about muscle building nutrition, nutrition for fat loss, the dreaded "starvation mode" and his thoughts on eating for quality.

In audio #5 he also reccomends the FitAndBusyDad Program!

Click HERE to learn more about Brad's Special Birthday Celebration.

It's good to be back,


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