Friday, May 2, 2008

Another 20-Minutes

I had another great workout yesterday. It was inspired by my friend Dr. Gavin Maxwell who is a former Olympic canoeist. Back when Gavin was training, he was able to do 82 pull-ups straight (with a kip). GavMax is about 6'4", 250. Former Olympian or not, if at his size he was able to do 82 pull-ups, then at 5'11, 180, I should at least be able to do 50.

So the goal of yesterday's workout was to do 50 pull-ups in as little sets as possible and progress to doing 1 full set of 50 straight (that's a pretty lofty goal, but I'm bound to it now that it's in the blogsphere).

So here's what went down...

1) Bodyweight Warm-Up (Squats, Push-ups, Lunges, Stick-Ups & Planks)

2a) 50 x Pull-Ups (17, 12, 9, 7, 5)
2b) 100 x Close-Grip Decline Push-Ups (48, 30, 12, 10)

3) Front Squat Tabata @ 135lbs

4) 50 x Blast Strap Inverted Rows (22, 15, 13)

Then it was off to my mall escapade with Mikey my 9-month-old.


P.S. OK, maybe it took me 30-minutes ;-)

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Rachelle said...

Hey Chris,

Great Blog! I found your blog via your post on theurbanathlete. I recently started training with Gavin's women's crew. Small world! He's the coach for the Women's National Dragon Boat Club. I'm hoping to earn a seat on his 2009 roster.

Pull-ups are my achilles heel and a component of most fit tests. The most I've ever done is 8 and the quality of my pull-ups breaks down after 5/6. Any recommendations on what I can do to increase my reps. I would love to get to the mid teen range.

Good Luck with the launch of your site and tell Rozanne I say hi. Your girls are too cute!

- Rachelle